Minggu, 07 Oktober 2007


An externally applied device used to control motion & function of body segments

Compensate for a disorder & reduce handicap for biomechanical (& psychological) reasons.

Orthoses rely on 3 point fixation, moment arms & pressure distribution.

Named according to the joints over which they pass (eg. KAFO = Knee Ankle Foot Orthosis)

Descriptive Terms:

  • Conventional (leather, metal) vs. Contemporary (plastics)

  • Static, dynamic (store energy) or a combination

  • Corrective vs. Accommodative

Materials used:

  • Thermosetting plastics - mix liquid + catalysts to form model

  • Thermoforming plastics - soften when reheated & rigid when cooled

  • Lightweight foam plastics

Common Orthoses:


  • Simple insoles - off the shelf or fabricated without casting

  • Total contact or Moulded insoles - taking a cast with the patient partially or fully WBing

  • Functional or Biomechanical orthosis - cast taken in corrected position of subtalar joint neutral & mid-tarsal full pronation

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